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How We Got Started
The Natural Light was founded in 1978 by Harvey Hollingsworth, who recognized a desire on the part of the consumer for lamps made from natural materials. The strong  design assets of JoAnn Hollingsworth were added in 1983. Together, the Hollingsworths have cultivated The Natural Light, primarily a wicker lamp company in the beginning, into a multi-medium organization. The company’s first  manufacturing facilities were in Oklahoma. They are now located in a manufacturing complex, in Panama City, Fla.

It is the philosophy of The Natural Light that one cannot improve on nature. Preserving the integrity of nature’s bounty is a tradition by which The Natural Light is best known. The company designs and manufactures portable lighting in wicker, wood, bamboo, hand thrown pottery and various metals. There is a clear emphasis on original finishing techniques that has carved a unique niche for this family owned business.

Our Belief
Generating warmth and luster that immediately draw the eye, lamps are natural communicators. From a whisper to a command, The Natural Light designs speak with clarity. Through silhouette and materials – a couture combination of sculptural shapes and organic materials that contribute to a sense of being alive – each piece tells a story that underscores the design statement in the room. Sometimes it’s whimsy. Other times it’s rugged exotic, or casually elegant… but always evocative, radiating style.

Because quality is as important as originality, we manufacture our products – over 500 models – in our own dedicated plant in the U.S.A. That’s enlightened too. Expression and purpose fuse in our lamps. Living with, and loving, a lamp is the functional beauty of the Natural Light.



The Natural Light
200 Steele Street
High Point, NC 27260
(To the Trade Only)

The Natural Light

Chris Sparks, Editor